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Product Description

An eggless vanilla cake premix that helps minimise effort while maximising the product's quality and consistency. It is a dry mix and one needs to merely add water and oil and bake to create a delicious vanilla cake, helping you focus on creativity while the premix does the heavy lifting of ensuring sponge quality. A cake premix helps minimise effort while maximising product quality and consistency. It is a dry mix and one needs to merely add water and oil and bake to create delicious vanilla cake.As dry mixture of all the components required to be added in the cake such as cake flour, sugar, milk powder, starch, baking powder, baking soda, emulsifier, salt, flavour, colour, whey protein etc in the correct proportions, it simplifies the cake making process.

Benefits of Eggless Vanilla Cake Premix
  • Completely eggless
  • Provides volume to the pastry
  • Adds sponginess to the pastry
  • Excellent mixing agent
  • Helps maintain the color of the cake or pastry
  • Provides the taste of rich vanilla in every bite
  • Flavor of vanilla is pleasant and enhancing the fragrance and taste of the product.

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6 months from date of manufacturing

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Storage conditions It is advisable to store product in cool and dry conditions.
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