Product Description

An Chocolate muffin cake mix that helps minimise effort while maximising product quality and consistency. It is a dry mix and one needs to merely add water and oil and bake to create a delicious vanilla cake, helping you focus on creativity while the premix does the heavy lifting of ensuring sponge quality

  • Completely eggless
  • Provides volume to the cake
  • Adds sponginess to the cake
  • Excellent mixing agent
  • Helps maintain the color of the cake
  • Provides the taste of rich chocolate in every bite
  • Flavour of chocolate is pleasant and enhancing the fragrance and taste of the product.

Sold By: Olana Foods Pvt. Ltd.

For Industrial Use Only

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Pack Size: 1 Kg
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Sale price/ Kg+taxes INR 150 / Kg+taxes

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How to use True bakes - Chocolate muffin cake mix
Suggested usage level/ dosage
1000g in 450g water and 180g oil

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Other details

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6 months from date of manufacturing

Country of origin India


Storage conditions

It is advisable to store product in cool and dry conditions.

Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian

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