Mix Of Moroccan Style Herbs & Spices 40g

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With ‘Sol’ we offer you exceptional products of Spanish origin, ranging from traditional ingredients for authentic recipes to modern ingredients for avant-garde cuisines.Using spices allows you to make food not only more tasty, but also more healthful. An important requirement is the use of exclusively freshly ground spices. Sol offer you an exclusive range of ready mixes for instant use in your kitchen. Mixes that are traditional for Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, Tex-Mex and Thai cuisines. Choicest herbs sourced from the best origin farms from across the world is freeze dried and packed in air-tight glass jars with an unique two-way flip cap for ease of usage while cooking a delicious meal. No need to store multiple spices and monitor their consumption. Using an exclusive SOL special adjustable grinder, allows you to select the required texture and thickness. This way, the spices will be ground at the specific moment that you need them, preserving the quality and freshness of flavours and tastes to be enjoyed in your dishes. Sol Morocco Mix grinder set is both a stylish and easy-to-use kitchen appliance that will ensure you enjoy every meal, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our Gourmet Morocco Mix Seasoning is the blend of Sea salt, Dehydrated garlic, Ginger, Sugar, Dehydrated red bell pepper, Caraway seeds, Cumin, Cinnamon, Red Chilli, Coriander, Black pepper, Mint and Turmeric all this ingredients add an authentic taste to prepare Moroccan cuisine. This full flavored blend is inspired by Northern African cooking and can be used as an all-purpose seasoning. It’s excellent when sprinkled on vegetables or rice, season or coat chicken or fish before grilling or try on lamb kebabs. For those of you who like fusion cooking, try this in stir fry or tuna salad for a nice change. This ready mix of herbs adds the aromas & flavours of Morocco to any dish. Give a Moroccan touch to your meals by grinding on top of grilled vegeta- bles, lamb chops, couscous, soups... treat yourself like a PACHÁ!! Our Sol Crystal grinder is suitable for a wide variety of spices: peppercorns, salt, herbs and spices and so on. You can choose your spices from all varieties and grind them all to the desired satisfaction. Its crystal clear body highlights contents and indicates when it is time to refill.

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How to use Sol - Crystal Grinder Morocco Mix - Mix Of Moroccan Style Herbs & Spices 40g

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Best before 24 months

Storage conditions

Store in a cool and dry place

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40 g

HSN Code 21033000
Maximum Retail Price / g Rs. 375.00
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian

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