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Lemons add tangy flavor and bright yellow color to almost any consumer product. Loaded with vitamin C, lemons have a very refreshing, light, slightly sweet and sour taste to them. Lemons are also: Very high vitamin B6, iron, potassium and a good source of fiber One of the very lowest glycemic fruits. One of the lowest citrus fruits in calories Low in sodium and contain no saturated fats or cholesterol Lemons are popular all year long, from that summer drink, grill seasonings, dips, to warm teas, pasta, fish and poultry entrees. Lemons add a splash of color and taste in snack mixes, cereals, bars, yogurt, ice cream, confections, brewery, and seltzer applications.

  • Looking to add bright color and flavor to your product? lemon and lime products are the best solutions that are 100% natural and loaded with vitamin c! our products are processed from whole fruit, providing the vibrant color of citrus, along with all the nutritional perks that citrus peel yields.

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For Industrial Use Only

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How to use Milne Microdried - Lemon Powder
Suggested usage level/ dosage
5 to 20% in the mixture
Suggested usage level/ dosage
2 to 5 % on top
Suggested usage level/ dosage
Up to 10%
Suggested usage level/ dosage
2 to 5%
Suggested usage level/ dosage
4 to 5%
Suggested usage level/ dosage
Suggested usage level/ dosage
5 to 15%

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Other details

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Suitable applications

Bright yellow; typical of lemon powder


24 months

Country of origin USA



Please check Technical Datasheet

Storage conditions

Less than 70º f (21º c) and 50% rh

Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian

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