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Aronia Berry is a nutrient and antioxidant dense super fruit, with an immunity boost, native to North America. It has an earthy, sweet-tart taste that can serve as a “base” flavor in new product development. The flavor of Aronia compliments other fruit ingredients and can be enhanced with the addition of herbs, spices or something sour (like vinegar or citrus juice). The nutritional statistics are impressive, as research shows, Aronia:

  • Has the highest polyphenol and phenolic levels ever recorded in native North American plant foods
  • Are an excellent source of antioxidant, vitamin A and dietary fiber
  • May reduce blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol levels, inflammation and the risk of Diabetes

Aronia is 100% vertically integrated and checks all the boxes for the next big trend – functional, cost effective, non-GMO, organic/conventional, different formats, short-lead time, secure supply, low minimums. Aronia berries, whether in our whole fruit, frozen, fragments or even organic Aronia powder form, can be used in baked goods, beverages and snacks. 


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