American Bread Crumbs White Fine 400g

By: Meishi

Trade Name: CFME1030

Product Description

Meishi takes you on journey through the Orient by bringing you authentic ingredients for use in your traditional recipes. Panko bread crumbs (or panko crumbs, where ‘panko’ means ‘bread powder’) are one ingredient that cooks all of present-day Japanese cuisine . Panko breadcrumbs are made from grinding yeast-risen bread, which is baked using electric current instead of heat. The crusts are removed and the bread is broken down into large flakes (rather than tiny crumbs) before being completely dried. This type of bread has no crust; instead, the entire loaf consists of the soft and airy bread center. This process makes Japanese bread crumbs crispier and more delicate than fresh bread crumbs or homemade bread crumbs, which in turn makes any dish made with Japanese breadcrumbs, such as chicken katsu cutlets for katsu curry or korokke potato croquettes, deliciously light and crunchy. Airy, Flaky Japanese- style breadcrumbs that you can use for coating your favorite Tempura or Tonkatsu. Meishi Introduce you with new variety of Fine American breadcrumbs. Fine American breadcrumbs are breadcrumbs with very small bread partials in dry form which are used for coating food such as Aloo Tikki, Cutlets, Patties, Fish and Chicken for frying. Panko adds crispiness but, being neutral in flavor, it does not overpower the item it is coating. European traders were the first people to show the Japanese how to cook with panko breadcrumbs, and since then their use has spread throughout the country. Panko has become popular in all types of menus because of it’s versatility in the kitchen. It adds a light crispy texture to coated items and it is frequently used as a top crusting, coating, mix-in, extender, and stuffing. The bread used for these crumbs was specially baked and ground and we picked only the finest crumb slivers. They also absorb less oil when fried when compared to other breadcrumbs – giving you a lighter coating and enhancing the flavor of the dish rather than hiding it!


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Best before 24 months

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Store in a cool and dry place

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400 g

HSN Code 19054000
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