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What is cost-in-use?

Price is always a concern, but more than the price it is the ingredient's cost in use(CIU), which impacts your product the most. CIU is the cost impact of the ingredient per kg of the final application . Use the calculator to determine the cost impact of the ingredient in your application

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Suitable Applications
Consumer Trends
  • Antioxidant
More Details

Suitable for use in a protein bar or a sports nutrition powder

More Details

Consumer needs vitamin e fulfils

  • D-alpha tocopherol exhibits active antioxidant property.

Matrix Fine Sciences - Vitamin E - Processing Benefits

  • Shows 100% biological activity.
  • Increases the shelf life of products.
  • Completely safe and no threat of allergic reactions.
  • Allows 'Natural Vitamin E' claim on your product labels.


White powder

Raw Material Source

100% non-GMO sunflower, rapeseed and soy oilseed source

Country of Origin



Matrix Fine Sciences

Manufacturing Process

Extraction of natural tocopherols (Vitamin E) from 100% non-GMO soy, sunflower and rapeseed sources


  • Kosher.
  • Halal.

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Protein Bar 


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