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Cake gel works as an emulsifier and stabilizer mix and provides standardized quality in sponge cake, cake and roll production. With cake gel, it becomes easier to make delicious cakes and sponge cakes with better volume and texture because of the smooth pore structure.

  • Easy-foaming, incorporates and stabilises the air bubbles in the batter, yielding cakes with a soft and light texture which increases the volume of the cake
  • Stabilizing the foam, providing a batter with smooth texture and an expanded volume
  • Shorten cake whipping time
  • Improve the stability of cake batter and the uniformity of cake pores
  • Increase cake volume and outcoming.

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For Industrial Use Only


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How to use Marvel Foods - Cake Gel

Suggested usage level/ dosage
The amount to use in making cakes is 5% of the total weight of the eggs in the recipe.

For other applications please contact us

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6 months

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Keep the material in cold room

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