Chipotle Peppers In Adoba Sauce 2.8kg

By: La Costena

Type: Sauce

Trade Name: CFLC1003

Product Description

Since 2014, in cooperation with Ms Titsa Anastasiadi, it started importing products from well-known, international brands, aspiring to offer authentic flavours from a variety of “kitchens of the world”. Our banner in this effort is LA COSTENA company, which from 2004 stands by the Greek professional and consumer, offering genuine, traditional Mexican products. Mexican cuisine owes its colours and its richness to its very fresh ingredients, many of which were unknown to us until Columbus discovered the Americas. A leader in the Mexican market, 100% Mexican, and with over 80 years of experience in salsas, fruits and vegetables, La Costeña produces a wide range of traditional, high quality, authentic Mexican foods, and makes them available to lovers of fine Mexican food the world over, for both home and professional use. It operates ultra-modern vertical installations and produces traditional products, with the same ingredients and recipes that Mexicans use in their own homes. Chipotles in adobo are smoked and dried jalapeños rehydrated and canned in a sweet and tangy purée of tomato, vinegar, garlic, and some other spices, for a ruddy sauce that packs wicked heat but with plenty of balance and body. The chipotle chillies come in a convenient can for long term storage and are accompanied with a delicious smoky red adobo sauce. Chipotle chiles in Adobo sauce date back in history to a region that is now northern Mexico City, prior to the Aztec civilization. It is conjectured that the Aztecs smoked jalapeno chilies because the thick, fleshy, chile was difficult to dry and prone to rot. The Aztecs used the same 'smoke drying' process for the chilies as they used for drying meats. This smoking allowed the chilies to be stored for a substantial period of time. Nowadays delicious plump jalapenos are picked for their taste and then slowly smoked to infuse them with that heady smoky chipotle flavour. Finally the chiles chipotles are canned in a zesty red adobo sauce. Why not add a few chiles from a can of chipotle chillies in adobo sauce to your Lasagna meat sauce to a warm spicy flavour. Chipotle chiles can also be added to cream cheese to make a delicious appetizer dip for a Mexican fiesta or party. 


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Starter Recipe

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Best before 24 months

Storage conditions Store in a cool and dry place
Net Content/ Tin

2.8 kg

HSN Code 20055900
Maximum Retail Price / kg Rs. 1,885.00
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
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