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Ice cream emulsifiers have inclined users to experience the royal taste of Ice creams, they are the prefect blend that one requires to taste a flavorsome Ice cream. They have proven good storage stability and reduction in Ice crystal formation. The addition of emulsifier will help improve the texture and softness of an ice cream.

  • To add creamy texture to ice creams makes it look alluring
  • With improved foam stability helps to give the best shape
  • Emulsifier helps gain melting resistance and heat shock stability.

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For Industrial Use Only


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How to use Kerry - Sherex 1401 Ice Cream Stabiliser

Suggested usage level/ dosage
3 to 4% for better thickening

For other applications please contact us

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Other details

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Suitable applications

White to pale yellow free flowing powder.


12 months

Country of origin



Please check Technical Datasheet

Storage conditions

It is advisable to store product in cool and dry conditions.

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