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Isvaari carefully curates and offers you the divine gifts from Mother Nature that are a distinct produce of India. These products are sustainably grown and sourced, ensuring that farmers get the just rewards for their toils. Isvaari Brings You cold pressed groundnut oil. Groundnut oil or peanut oil, is a vegetable oil derived from peanuts. Though the peanut plant flowers above ground, the seeds or peanuts actually develop underground. This is why peanuts are also known as groundnuts. Depending on processing, groundnut oil can have a wide range of flavors that vary from mild and sweet to strong and nutty. Isvaari Cold pressed groundnut oil is prepared by using the wooden kachi ghani method without heating so to preserve the vital nutrients, rich aroma and flavour of peanuts grown in Saurashtra with numerous applications and ayurvedic benefits, Groundnuts contain edible oil (40–56%), protein (20–30%), carbohydrate (10–20%), and several nutritional components such as vitamin E, calcium etc. In order to maximize oil extraction, most industrial units heat the groundnut and thereby the valuable nutritional components are lost, however our extraction process is the traditional ‘Kacchi Ghani’ without the addition of heat, using a wooden press, so that the natural properties, antioxidants and essential oils are retained in the oil. Enjoy Isvaari groundnut oil as a traditional cooking oil or drizzle it on salads, bread for that nutty aroma and taste to get the maximum benefits of the antioxidants. Amazing Benefits Of Groundnut oil: 1)Since it has a high smoking point, groundnut oil can be used to deep fry a variety of foods, especially Indian and Chinese. The formation of harmful substances occurs only beyond the smoking point to which groundnut oil takes a long time to reach. 2)It is also reusable. It can be filtered and used several times. 3)Since it has a neutral taste, it does not interfere with the core taste of the dish. Also, it does not absorb the taste of the ingredients, making reusability possible without an unnecessary overlapping of flavours. 4) Groundnut oil contains phytochemicals and vitamin E, the vitamin E helps maintain good skin health, making it look young and healthy.

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