Flavour Essence Mosambi Flavour S 2399 (Large)

By: Iff

Type: Flavour Essence

Trade Name: IFF Mosambi Flavour S 2399

Product Description

The Mosambi Flavour S 2399 is a Flavour Essence. The Mosambi Flavour S 2399 is suitable in beverage etc. applications . This flavour essence is available in a large pack. Please store as per the guidelines in the safety data sheet for maximum efficacy.

Benefits of Flavour Essence Mosambi Flavour S 2399 (Large)
  • Superior flavour
  • Realistic taste
  • Consistency
  • Cost effective


Sold By: Relish

For Industrial Use Only

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Pack Size: 1 Litre
Price / Litre +taxes:
Sale price/ Litre +taxes INR 532 / Litre +taxes

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How to use Iff - Flavour Essence Mosambi Flavour S 2399 (Large)
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