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Service Type: Stage -1 - Start
Consultant: Manivvannan A
Price +taxes:
Sale price+taxes INR 20000 +taxes

Shipping is not applicable

Consultancy Description

New Product Development is a daunting task. With consumer needs changing ever so often. One needs to leverage a host of technology and food solutions to create the lab-scale recipe, these lab-scale recipes will then need to be scaled up. This process is often iterative and requires a significant commitment of time and resources by the consultant. 

Scope of Work

Stage 1: On completion of payment, the consultant will confirm his or her availability at the proposed time. There will be a discussion to understand the scope of work and timelines. This discussion will be virtual via zoom. Outcome: Action Plan 

Stage 2: The client will need to provide any target samples and references, required taste, and nutrition direction. The client will need to specify any constraints that they have with the formulation. The client will share the recipe's ingredients and line-specific information. The consultant will share a document/email with all the meeting discussions and notes. This document will form the basis for the remaining work. The client will need to confirm this. Work will commence after receiving all necessary information, samples, ingredients etc.  On delivery of samples to consultants, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the samples. The consultant will visit the client's premises on a mutually agreed date. (The cost of travel, accommodation and food will need to be borne by the clients as per actuals) to study the line. The consultant may need to take photographs and collect other information during this stage. Outcome: Line throughput diagram with identified constraints other documented output, first cut lab samples, with 3 variants. The consultant will produce a maximum of 6 lab level samples, beyond which additional payment will be necessary. Timelines will be mutually agreed upon before any additional iteration.

Stage 3: The consultant will provide his recommendation on line hardware and process changes to meet your requirements and help take trials under the modified conditions. (The cost of travel, accommodation, and food will need to be borne by the clients as per actuals). While the consultant will try his best to meet your requirements and said objective. However, there may be other reasons beyond the consultant's control, in which case we are open to a mutually agreeable solution. Outcome: Final recipes, production process flow diagram, production samples, and other agreed deliverables such as pictures of comparison that were agreed to in Stage 1.

Terms & Conditions


1. Will be subject to outcomes from discussion with the consultant

Payment Terms

2. The total value of this engagement will be Rs 3,20,000+taxes, and to be paid in two parts as indicated below. 

             2.1 Stage 1 -  Start                 : 6.24%

             2.2 Stage - 2 - Intermediate- : 46.88%

             2.3 Stage - 3 Completion       : 46.88%

3. All payments will need to be made in advance before each stage


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