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To create the finest muffin experience which is so soft, that it melts in your mouth. The richness of cake can be felt in the product. It helps improve in the muffins volume, color, crumb-ness, softness. Applicable in variety of cakes, muffins, dry cakes, pastry and sponge cakes. Muffin concentrate makes delicious ultra moist cream cake style muffins.

  • Completely eggless
  • Provides volume to the pastry
  • Adds sponginess to the pastry
  • Excellent mixing agent
  • Helps maintain the color of the cake or pastry
  • Provides the taste of rich vanilla in every bite
  • Flavor of vanilla is pleasant and enhancing the fragrance and taste of the product
  • Simple , one step recipe using a minimal of equipment.

Sold By: Delta Nutritives Pvt. Ltd

For Industrial Use Only

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Pack Size: 2 Kg
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How to use Delta Nutritives - Celebre - Eggless Muffin concentrate (EMCOO3)
Suggested usage level/ dosage
50 to 100% premix with water maintain the ratio 1:2 for concentrate to water

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Other details

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Suitable applications



3 to 6 months

Country of origin India


Storage conditions

It is advisable to store product in cool and dry conditions.

Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian

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