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Service Type: Initial Discussion
Consultant: Satish Tonapi
Price +taxes:
Sale price+taxes INR 1000 +taxes

Shipping is not applicable

Consultancy Description

Many a times in a zeal to go to market quickly, clients launch their products only to realise that the product isn't performing as expected. Cake and bread manufactures face all kinds of challenges, from crumbing and dryness to poor taste and texture etc. After a big bang product launch, any such mishaps can be a disaster for the brand. Our consultant works partner with the you to troubleshoot the problem, from understand the problem to recommending possible solutions the problem

Troubleshooting Cakes

  • Collapsed in the middle, Too dense, or didn't rise, Cracked on top, Frosting full of crumbs, Crumbliness of the sponge etc. are some of the common issues faced by cake processors and our consultant is an expert in solving these. Formulation expertise is given on various ingredients like emulsifiers, dough conditioning agents, flour etc. Formulation recommendations are given for Cake Premix, Cake Concentrate, Cake Gel and other related products. 

Troubleshooting Breads

  • Misshapen loaf, Too dense, Not soft enough, Split crust, Lower shelf life etc. are common issues that our consultant will solve. 

Troubleshooting Cookies

  • Too hard, Too much spread, Not enough spread, Uneven browning etc. are the various problems faced while making cookies and our consultant experts will troubleshoot these issues. 

Troubleshooting Pies

  • Crust too tough, Soggy bottom, Crust shrinks during baking, Filling boils out etc. can be solved by our expert consultants

Scope of Work

Initial Discussion: On completion of payment, the consultant will confirm his or her availability at the proposed time. There will be a discussion to understand the scope of work and timelines. Outcome: Action Plan

Diagnosis: The client will need to provide any target samples, current formulations used, ingredient samples, and any other references. Work will commence after receiving any samples like emulsifiers, milk powders, flour, and other such ingredients or after receiving the current formulations.  On delivery of samples to consultants, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the samples. While the consultant will try his best to meet your requirements and said objective, there may be other reasons beyond the consultant's control, in which case we are open to a mutually agreeable solution. Outcome: Study results of the desired product quality

Final Recommendation: The client gets the recipe for the desired product after the payment for the Final Recommendation is made. Outcome: Final recipes, comparative study, and other agreed deliverables such as pictures of comparison that were agreed to in Initial Discussion 

Terms & Conditions


1. Will be subject to outcomes from discussion with the consultant

Payment Terms

2. The total value of this engagement will be Rs 76,000+taxes, and to be paid in two parts as indicated below. 

             2.1 Initial Discussion booking fee: 1%

             2.2 Diagnosis and Sampling: 79%

             2.3 Final Formula : 20%

3. All payments will need to be made in advance before each stage

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