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Product Description

With ‘SOL’ we offer you exceptional products of Spanish origin, ranging from traditional ingredients for authentic recipes to modern ingredients for avant-garde cuisines. Saffron belongs to the iris family and comes from the Middle East. The world’s most prized spice is also the world’s most expensive. This is due to the sheer amount of labor that goes into growing and preparing the spice. Saffron threads are actually stigmas of the saffron crocus a violet-colored flower native to parts of Asia, North Africa, Spain however is the world’s largest producer of saffron. The tiny stigmas must be carefully plucked by hand from each flower. It takes around 15,000 flowers to produce a pound of saffron not to mention the flavor and perfume – that makes saffron so valuable. The crocus species grows to a height of approx. 30 cm and forms wonderfully light blue to violet flowers, from which scars this very expensive spice is obtained by hand. Each flower contains only 3 stamp threads. During drying it loses about 40% of its weight. The flowering time in autumn is only about 2 weeks, in which the flower scars have to be plucked out. The yield is extremely low, which justifies the high price of saffron. The Coupe variety is the highest quality of Spanish Saffron. Coupe saffron is all red and uniform in color with little to no yellow style threads. SOL offers premium ISO category 1 saffron with a guaranteed color strength that ends where competing brands begin! Saffron is available in filaments. This is the saffron that makes an exclusive gift for a royal occasions! Use the filaments for decorating your dishes or for festive occasions. The most popular dish the spice is used in is the rice Pilaf or Spanish Pilau. It is also used in other popular Spanish dishes such as Mexican yellow rice, Spanish Paella, and Italian risotto. A good number of fish dishes including bouillabaisse are cooked with Spanish saffron as well.

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Other details

Starter Recipe

Recipe - 1


Glass bottles


Best before 24 months

Storage conditions Store in a cool and dry place
Net Content/ Glass Bottle

1 gm

HSN Code 9102090
Maximum Retail Price / gm Rs. 575.00
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
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