Service Type: Initial Discussion
Consultant: Manish Agnihotri
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Nutraceutical Consultation
Consultancy Description

Formulas are the most critical part of beverage manufacturing. However, owing to various external factors such as raw material availability, cost optimization etc. one needs to reformulate. Our consultants will help you quickly modify your formula to meet your unique market requirements. The consultant will support with modifying the existing formulation of the customer with alternate vendor suggestions, cost reduction etc.

Scope of Work

Initial Discussion: On completion of payment, the consultant will confirm his or her availability at the proposed time. There will be a discussion to understand the scope of work and timelines. Outcome: Action Plan

Diagnosis: The client will need to provide any target samples and references. Work will commence after receiving samples of ingredients. On delivery of samples to consultants, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the samples. While the consultant will try his best to meet your requirements and said objective. However, there may be other reasons beyond the consultant's control, in which case we are open to a mutually agreeable solution. Outcome: Comparative study results

Final Recommendation: Outcome: Final recipes, comparative study, and other agreed deliverables such as pictures of comparison that were agreed to in stage 1

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