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Product Description

The Blue Elephant group has played a significant role in promoting royal Thai cuisine internationally for the past 30 years through its famous restaurants. Thai cuisine is globally becoming more and more famous, and seems to be a sophisticated cuisine for non expert. Blue Elephant Rice Noodles are all natural, made from Thai rice and water: Gluten Free and Egg Free! Blue Elephant pad thai rice noodles are made from the finest rice flour, Blue Elephant pad thai noodles are thick, pure white and are flat but taste and texture are quite different from the western noodles. Thai pad rice noodles to be soaked first in cold water until softened. Boiled, they are eaten cold, or hot in stir-fries and “Kuiy Tiaw” soups. Those Rice Noodles, made in Thailand, have been chosen by Master Chef Nooror for their taste, perfect shape and stickiness to cook the famous Phad Thai dish and the Beef Noodle Soup, two of the favorite recipes of our gourmet customers. However they will be also great to carry out countless recipes. So fast and easy to prepare (soaked or boiled for Chefs in a hurry) Blue Elephant Rice Noodles will bring the authentic taste of Thailand to your Cuisine. It is 100% natural, without any artificial colours or preservatives and can be stored for 24 months in room temperature.

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Other details

Starter Recipe

Recipe - 1




24 months

Storage conditions Store in a cool and dry place
Net Content/ Pouch

500 g

HSN Code 19021900
Maximum Retail Price / g Rs. 275.00
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
Additional Technical and Commercial Information Contact us for additional technical and commercial information

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