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Size: 1 litre
Price / litre :
Sale price/ litre INR 2345 / litre

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Product Description

A Natural Seasoning Compound: A multi component mixture of extracts, oils, oleoresins and flavoring ingredients. Ingredient intended for further processing in the food and beverage industry.

Benefits of Cheese Tomato Liquid Seasoning
  • Natural ingredient
  • Low dosage
  • Instant aroma & flavour delivery
  • Solves clumping & caking challenges
  • Ensures smoother texture
  • Needs no time to rehydrate
  • Easily incorporated into most food processing methods
  • Reduces the volume spice needed

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Other details


Soluble in oil




24 months

Storage conditions Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container. DO NOT store in pits, depressions, basements or areas where vapours may be trapped. Avoid heating closed containers.
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
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