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Pack Size: 12 Glass Bottles
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Product Description

Our Sherry wine Vinegar is made only in the Jerez de la Frontera (Andalusia), in the hot, sunny south of Spain. To its west are the Atlantic Ocean and the Guadalquivir River, to the east is the Mediterranean and to the north are mountains. While the climate is hot and dry, ocean breezes continually bring fresh air, important component in Sherry Vinegar production. This unique microclimate contributes to the distinctive qualities of the base wines from which Sherry and Sherry Vinegar are made. Our Sherry Vinegar is produced from “Palomino” grapes; grow in the unique microclimate of the Sherry region. The vineyards of Jerez present an open horizon of soft rolling hills, their most outstanding feature being the white chalky soil know as “albariza”, ideal for growing the grapes “Palomino” used to produce the sherry wine and Sherry Vinegars; a rich soil with great moisture retaining properties enabling it to store the water provided by the rains and westerly winds, and not forgetting the early morning dew which water the vineyards during the summer moths. All of these conditions add to the quality and characteristics of the grapes, which give origin to the much appreciated Sherry Vinegars.

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Other details

Starter Recipe

Recipe - 1


Glass bottles


48 months

Storage conditions Keep in cool, dry and dark place
Net Content/ Glass Bottle

750 ml

HSN Code 22090090
Maximum Retail Price / ml Rs. 745.00
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
Additional Technical and Commercial Information Contact us for additional technical and commercial information

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