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Product Description

The purple or black color of the black carrot originates from its pigments called anthocyanins. Black carrot anthocyanins change in molecular structure as the pH of solutions change. This change in structure results in a shift in shade from red, purple to blue as the pH changes from acidic to basic.Anthocyanins from Black Carrot are more stable over a wider pH range than anthocyanins from other fruit or vegetable sources, making them ideal for use in yogurts, beverages, fruit bases and confectionary. Black carrot extract can provide a natural alternative to synthetic food colorings such as FD&C Red 40.

Benefits of Natural Purple Colour (Black Carrot Powder Extract)
  • All natural colour
  • Excellent light and heat stability.
  • Colour ranges from light strawberry pink to red to bluish
  • High solubility and miscibility in water.
  • Wide application range from beverages and confectionery.

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Natural Colour

Other details


Dark purple powder


12 months

Country of origin



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Storage conditions It is recommendable to store in airtight container under dry, cool conditions. Protect from light.
Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
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