In the United States of America, the Food and Drug Administration administers the regulations that govern food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is composed of seven Centers responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy, oversight and security of the nation's human and veterinary drugs, tobacco products, biological products, medical devices, food, cosmetics and products that emit radiation.

Topics of common interest

  1. Labeling & Nutrition - Nutrition Facts Label, Label Claims, Menu & Vending Machine Labeling, Gluten-Free Labeling
  2. Ingredients & Packaging - Food & Color Additives, GRAS, Food Allergens, Food Contact Substances, New Plant Varieties
  3. Food Defense - Protecting the Food Supply, Intentional Adulteration, Food Defense Plan Builder
  4. Dietary Supplements - Products & Ingredients, New Dietary Ingredients Notification Process, Structure/Function Claim Notifications
  5. Science & Research - Laboratory Methods, Whole Genome Sequencing, Risk Analysis, Total Diet Study, Consumer Research
  6. Compliance & Enforcement - Reportable Food Registry, Warning Letters, Inspections, Compliance Programs, Adverse Event Reporting
  7. International & Interagency Coordination - International Outreach, Visitor's Program, Trade Agreements, Interagency Agreements
  8. Chemicals, Metals & Pesticides in Food - Acrylamide, Arsenic, Chemicals, Metals, Toxins & Pesticides in Food

Regulations for the industry

  1. Guidance for Industry by Topic
  2. Imports & Exports
  3. Registration of Food Facilities/Other Submission
  4. Retail Food Protection
  5. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  6. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  7. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs)
  8. Federal/State Food Programs