Our Journey

On a frosty wintery night.. Nah nothing like that. We are a couple of young food enthusiasts who love to think beyond what is to what can be.  Our common interest around food serendipitously evolved into a website and to what is now a DPIT recognized startup company fueling the food manufacturing ecosystem.

SourceGoodFood.com is an AI powered platform that helps you source food raw materials and specialty ingredients seamlessly from vendors, and engage consultants to help you get your food innovation to market in time. 

Our Mission

We want to build a better food system where there is transparency and stability. 

How can SourceGoodFood help me?

The challenges of bringing new products to market

Did you know that it takes an average of 18 months just to get a product on the shelf at grocery stores, and only about 15% of these products are appreciated by customers ? A 15% chance of success. How can you improve your chance of success

  1. Get the right consumer insights. What do people want? How and when would they relish my product ? In the sourcegoodfood blogs and articles we try to capture the latest happenings in this space to help you create the right products for your consumers
  2. Create the right product, with the right ingredients, right equipment and tools and the right process knowledge. You can explore our ingredient and equipment list procure the right ingredients, tools and equipment that you need.  You can contact our consultants to help you with your process and formulation, getting you to market quickly, saving months of nerve wrecking agony and uncertainty.