Winning with milk chocolates

Are you gearing up for the upcoming festive seasons, whether Diwali or Christmas, chocolates and sweets are integral part of the celebration. Among Chocolates the milk chocolate flavour tastes stand out.

From Dairy Milk Chocolates by to Oreo's covered with Milk chocolates, milk chocolates are extremely popular. Even as we look at premium chocolates, Belgian, or swiss chocolates, the sweet milky tastes win almost every time.

Unlike dark chocolate, milk chocolate contains dairy/milk solids; the milk helps in diluting the strong cocoa liquor and adds a creamy, sweet consistency. On the other hand, pure dark chocolate has a rich cocoa flavour, is bitter and less sugary, making it perfect for baking. The high sugar and fat in milk chocolate make it an excellent choice for eating out of hand. In bakery applications bakers, often prefer to use fark chocolates and allow that chocolatey taste to merge with the sweetness of the cake / bake sponge, creating a unqiue sweet milky taste via combination than adding milk chocolate directly.

Trends With Milk Chocolate

In 2020, the worldwide milk chocolate market will be worth US$ 18.2 billion. Milk chocolate makes up more than half of all chocolate consumed; One of the most popular cocoa products is milk chocolate, which is produced with sugar, chocolate liquor, and condensed milk or whole milk powder.

Now, there is a lot you can do with milk chocolate; it’s lighter than dark chocolate, has more sugar, and is a lot creamier. And with people being more conscious of their health, adding unusual/exotic fruit and vegetables to milk chocolate is in trend. For example, mixing it with avocado,  cherries, apples, beetroot, and even kiwi.

Floral Flavours are still in play, it can be added to the mild milk chocolate desserts to give an appetizing or fresh smell, ingredients like clementine, rose, hibiscus, basil, and bergamot. Milk chocolate is perfect for eating out of hand, but nowadays, people opt for the healthier dark chocolate with less sugar with a higher cocoa content.

Market Drivers for Global Milk Chocolate

  • In recent years, manufacturers have begun introducing new milk chocolate versions by combining them with other foods such as orange, caramel, biscuits, and nuts.
  • Aside from that, they've released items in a variety of shapes and sizes, including bars, chips, cubes, and wafers. The availability of these varieties has increased overall milk chocolate consumption.
  • Milk chocolate is also a good ingredient for developing new types of beverages and confectionery products such as milkshakes, cakes, chocolate bars, icy delight, and flavouring to unsavoury health products.
  • However, in the recent years, a trend in consumer tastes toward dark chocolate, which is more healthy than milk chocolate and considered more premium, poses a challenge to milk chocolate consumption.

What Makes Milk Chocolate Special

Cocoa solids, fat, sugar, and milk are all combined in milk chocolate. When condensed milk is utilized, the result is a creamy milky flavour with a hint of sweetness. These chocolates are then cut into slabs of the appropriate size for consumption or use in desserts and other chocolates.

Milk chocolate has a light brown colour making it easy to distinguish from dark chocolate. It has a creamier texture because of the milk solids and dairy fat; it’s also less astringent.

Milk chocolate is used to produce chocolate fondue, biscuits, mousses, and other desserts, as well as for decorating cakes and preparing chocolate icing. It can be used to embellish and garnish baked items.

Uses And Benefits

  • Milk chocolate’s relatively high dairy and sugar content make it extremely sensitive to temperature, so much so that it melts in your hands just from the body temperature. Its low melting point also makes it easy to use in no-bake recipes such as 5 min fudge bars, no-bake chocolate cakes, toppings for deserts, as fillings with other dishes or icing.
  • Milk chocolate is also rich in micronutrients, not as much as dark chocolate, but still, it provides enough vitamins, iron, zinc and potassium to justify its gluttonous taste. At the same time, it’s high in calories, about 535 in every100g of milk chocolate. So  the perfect option for those who want a quick burst of energy, like in energy bars.
  • Milk chocolate is great for experimenting, as it is much lighter than bittersweet and has a creamy texture, melts quickly. It can be used to bind ingredients together and makes for a good ingredient in dipping sauces and chocolate glaze.
  • Milk chocolate melts quickly and has a lighter hue and creamier texture than plain or dark chocolate. 

 How To Store Milk Chocolate?

Like all chocolates, you should keep milk chocolate in an air-tight container store it in a cool, dry place like a refrigerator. Furthermore, try to keep it sealed and away from other highly odorous products as its taste and fragrance can be contaminated by those other products.

The temperature is also critical to maintain quality; too cold and the milk chocolate will freeze and change its texture; too warm, it will melt then refreeze eventually. The best temperature to store milk chocolate is between 18° C and 21° C, with a humidity of less than 55%.

How To Choose Milk Chocolates?

When buying milk chocolate, opt for products that have a high proportion of cocoa solids and are made with natural vanilla. It is preferable to choose products with fewer chemicals and additives. Look at the cocoa % on the package to see how sweet the milk chocolate is and whether it meets your recipe's requirements, and always check the expiration date while purchasing.

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