Applications and Benefits of Distilled Mono Glyceride (DMG)

Application of Distilled Mono Glyceride (DMG)

DMG is commonly used to produce pizza, sponge cake, ice cream, protein bars, cookies, crackers, candy, caramel, chocolate, and bubble gum bases, among other items. Their main purpose is to prevent oil and water separation and give the finished product a consistent texture. They're dissolved in oils and water in oil emulsions and have an HLB number ranging from 3-6.

Baked goods account for nearly 60% of the DMG made. The particle size and melting point of DMG decide how well it disperses in dough. They are specifically used in bread doughs because they improve the dough's fermentation stability, preventing the dough from collapsing during transport and lowering the final product's consistency.

Aside from that, the DMG forms a complex with the starch in the bread, preventing the starch from recrystallizing during storage and thereby extending the shelf life.


Blisters on bread are often prevented by the addition of DMG. This has gained popularity among bakers because it gives the bread a smooth final texture.


DMG is used in cakes because it improves batter aeration and decreases crumb stiffness over time, in addition to emulsification.


It's especially difficult in low-fat spreads because the water content has to be stabilised several times, but the emulsifier (DMG) greatly aids the stabilisation process.


Ice creams are a complex device in which DMG aids in the stabilisation of the oil-water inter-facial stress and the promotion of milk protein desorption from the interface.


DMG in margarine aids in the even distribution of water droplets in the oil in the margarine's water-in-oil emulsion.


Potatoes are high in starch, which ensures that starch crystallisation is very likely during storage. DMG in potato mash avoids this crystallisation for as long as possible.


DMG in confectioneries prevents the formation of lumps and gives the product flowability, making it easier to transport.


The addition of DMG to biscuits, cookies, and crackers results in a stronger texture and more uniform fat distribution.


DMG is used in coffee whitener to enhance dispersion and whitening, as well as to give the final mixture more consistency.


DMG stabilises the UHT process in dairy products and increases firmness after whipping.


The use of DMG in cereals eliminates clumping and sticking while also combining the starch during processing.


It's used in peanut butter to increase the oil's consistency and spreadability while also improving the flavour.

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